Celtic Leaf Bladed War Sword
Celtic Leaf Bladed Sword
Celtic Dress Sword

Celtic Leaf Bladed Sword

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Celtic War Sword: The Hallstatt Culture is the earliest to be identified as associated with Celtic culture, spreading from north of the Alps West into France, Southern Britain and the Iberian Peninsula. The earlier phases of the Hallstatt era fall into the Bronze Age. Swords seem to have been the primary weapon from this period, perhaps indicating that warfare was a relatively small scale affair, possibly between groups of élite warriors. In the latter phases of the Hallstatt era, iron began to replace bronze in the manufacture of weapons and the classic "Celtic longsword" with its leaf-bladed design made its appearance.

Our version of this Celtic Leaf Blade Sword is made from hand hammered 5160 carbon steel. Exotic hardwood handle, with steel accents.  Comes with a wooden sheath wrapped in leather with leather accents.

Blade length: 21.75”
Handle length: 5.5”
Weight: 2.19 lbs.
P.O.B. 3.75” below guard