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Collection: Viking Swords, Daggers and Seaxe Knives, Battle Ready Viking Weapons

Most Viking swords were single-handed and had a wide fuller down the length of the blade.  Most blades would be around 30 inches long, double edged and with some being a little longer or shorter.  They are very light and balanced swords, typically weighing less than 3 lbs.  The hilts often had a lobed or cocked hat pommel that was decorated with inlay.
The offering you see here is the some of Kingdom of Arms line of Hand forged medieval swords and daggers, which is of the highest quality.  Each Kingdom of Arms Viking Sword or Seaxe is meticulously handmade at our foundry and have the finest fit and finish. Each one is from museum replicas are based on swords from Ewart Oakschott Record of the medieval sword book. We also carry swords from Hanwei and Kingston Arms a foundry in China that produces a quality sword. 



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