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Collection: Man At Arms Collection by Kingdom Of Arms

New Line! Man at Arms from Kingdom Of Arms and designed by Bruce Brookhart.

Introducing our new economy line of well-designed historical medieval and renaissance weapons. In an effort to supply good quality at low prices with today’s high import costs this line will all be unsharpened but will still include a high quality scabbard. The pieces are from high carbon C60 carbon steel, from a quality foundry in India, and are well tempered and can be sharpened at home by hand if so desired. To sharpen start with a fine mill-bastard file and at about 25 degrees pass from the base of the blade to the tip in even strokes going from one edge to the next. After the edge is stated use a medium stone and then if you desire a fine stone passing it up the edge in the same fashion as the file. Look for more designs coming soon!

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  • Man At Arms Wakefield Bastard Sword
    Man At Arms Wakefield Bastard Sword
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