About us, Kingdom of Arms

Kingdom of Arms has been a vision and growing ever since the owners sold the previous company Legacy Arms and Imperial Weapons to a well known competitor and friends.

Ever since they brought the rented truck to pick up everything belonging to the company name and brand they purchased the seed was planted.  I will just come out and say it.  A tear ran down my face.  It was like I was seeing one of my two son leaving.  I have missed it ever since.

Well 8 years later and here we are.  No I am not using the same foundry, due to that was exclusive to the brand, in which we sold the previous brand and company.  The foundry I am using I have purchased from once or twice and knew them well.  In fact they have learned a lot and do a fantastic job on fit and finish and especially in tempering of the blades. And the scabbard work especially for the price I am blown away.  The look and quality is, in my opinion, as well as the higher end makers. That is where I wanted to be, and they are there. So I get to do what I love and have been doing since I started KoA (Kingdom of Arms or short), put my finger print. Have the swords, daggers and knives made to my specifications and designs, which make them stronger and more historically correct!

So not to just carry our own line Kingdom of Arms brands, we have scoured clothing makers, and makers of other bladed offerings and have found some quality but economical items to share.  Hunting knives, Kitchen knives, and we even found suppliers for the steel blanks and wood and micarta for handles so you can make your own knife, dagger or dirk.  And for the Renaissance Faires, which many of us love to go to, we have found suppliers for the clothing.

We are the same trusted people you remember, now with a new name.  Still honest, trustworthy, and hard working to meet and exceed your expectations.

If you don't believe this, then look at this link to a well known forum.  Sword-Buyers-Guide.

Yours Truly,

Clyde Hollis

Kingdom of Arms CEO


Personal Note from the owner.  There is a very real threat in the US and Worldwide and that is Human Trafficking.  Both Women and especially children.  Since our site is seen worldwide, we want to have this information out there to be used.  There is a very great organization we trust and support to combat Human Trafficking and who goes in and rescues those abducted.  That organization is:

Lantern Rescue  Contact their National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888
Or text HELP to 233733 (BeFree)