Saxon Long Seax
Saxon Long Seax

Saxon Long Seax

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Saxon Lang (Long) Seax.

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The Saxons long seax, or in the Germanic spelling, lang sax was the omen present weapon of the Saxon warrior. Many historians believe that even the name Saxon was derived from it. It was an important part of the rights of manhood and was always carried throughout the rest of life and all ways carried no matter what other weapons were present. It was as important in war as it was in the hunt where it was often used for the killing stork for large game. The version that I have designed for you is from the latter part of the 9th century and features the typical Saxon style pommel as well as the long point and fullers that carry thru to the end of the blade. An important weapon to add to any collection of fine weapons.

Includes well made leather hand stitched scabbard, with steel accents.


O.A Length: 27.875"
Blade Length: 22.0"
Handle Length: 5.875"
Grip Length: 4.0"
Weight: 1lbs 12 oz.
Balance Point: 2.5" Below Hilt
The Saxon Long Seax is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 06, 2023