Crusader Medieval Sword
Templar Crusader Sword

Late Crusader Medieval Sword

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Crusader Sword: Oakschott type XVIIIa. Tapering narrow blades, diamond cross-section. In distinction from type XV, these blades almost always feature a raised mid-rib that reinforces the blade for thrusting, and in the examples given in Records of the Medieval Sword, they can be seen to have a less linear and consistent taper along the edge of the blade, sometimes showing a subtle increase of the taper toward the point. The Subtype XVIIIa: have narrow blades with a longer grip. Subtype XVIIIb: Bastard swords with a longer blade and long grip; were in use c. 1450 – c. 1520.

This Kingdom of Arms replica crusader medieval arming sword is made from hand hammered 5160 carbon steel, with a wire wrapped handle.  Comes with a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather with hangers attached.

Specs and price coming soon!