Kern Irish Sword, Irish Single Hand Sword

Kern Irish Sword, Irish Single Hand Sword

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The Kern Irish Sword - A Kern was a Gaelic warrior, specifically a light infantrymen, in Ireland in the late middle ages. Sometimes this army was composed of displaced nobility and other times commoners who were in search of loot, these were mercenary forces that saw action in many conflicts across the British Isles.

The Kingdom of Arms Kern Irish Single Hand Sword features a hand hammered 5160 carbon steel blade as the originals were made, full tang, heat treated and tempered as the originals, for a strong yet flexible blade that will hold a very sharp edge, with a leather wrapped handle and "S" shaped quillons.  Comes with a wooden scabbard with leather accents and with hangers attached.

Blade Length: 33.75”
Overall Length: 40”
Grip Length: ” 
Weight: 2.0 lbs 
P.O.B.: '' Below Hilt

Scabbard; Wood stained dark with leather accents.  A quality sword demands a quality scabbard! Just like a great car needs a great paint job. They go together.

This is a new item that is being made as you are viewing this.  Picture will come as soon as it is finished.  This will be a magnificent sword to hold.

The Kern Irish Sword, Irish Single Hand Sword is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020