The Giornico Swiss Arming Sword,  circa 1478
The Giornico Swiss Arming Sword,  circa 1478

The Giornico Swiss Arming Sword, circa 1478

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The Giornico Arming Sword

Giornico is known for the Battle of Giornico (Battaglia di Sassi Grossi, literally the Battle of Large Boulders) that took place in 1478.

This arming sword is light and very fast. The pommel and guard are elegant in style for, by this period, it was not enough for a sword to just be effective, but it must also enhance the appearance of the user. Although the complex hilt was well into development by this period a more stripped down type of hilt was still in favor for heavier combat. This is a classic style for sword and buckler combat as well, as that was still a very popular way to settle disputes a crossed much of Europe, were this sword would have been in use.

A high quality wood lined scabbard, covered in leather with steel parts is included.


 O.A Length: 35"
Blade Length: 28.5"
Handle Length: 6.875"
Grip Length: 3.75"
Weight: 2lbs 1 oz.
Balance Point: 2.75" Below Hilt

Hand forged 5160 Tempered carbon steel blade, blade sharp.
Guard and pommel are made from a quality low carbon steel to lower the possibility of rust from handling.
Wood scabbard from quality steel fittings.

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