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Collection: Medieval Swords & Daggers, Real Battle Ready Medieval Swords for sale

Battle Ready Medieval Swords sold here! Most medieval swords developed in the 11th century from the Viking Age Sword. The most evident morphological development is the appearance of the cross-guard. The transitional swords of the 11th century are also known as Norman Swords. Already in the 10th century, some of the "finest and most elegant" of the Ulfberht type of "Viking" (actually Carolingian/Frankish) swords began to exhibit a more slender blade geometry, moving the center of mass closer to the hilt to improve wield ability.
The offering you see here for sale are battle ready medieval swords and daggers, which is of the highest quality.  We carry the elite Kingdom of Arms line, where each piece is meticulously handmade at our foundry and have the finest fit and finish. Each one is from museum replicas are based on swords from Ewart Oakschott Record of the medieval sword book. We also carry swords Paul Chen (Hanwei) and Kingston Arms designed by Mr. Angus Trim (Atrim), whom we think very highly of, and swords from a foundry we found in China that produces a quality sword, Kawashima. 
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