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Collection: Kingdom of Arms Medieval Swords, Daggers, Seaxe Knives, Bowie Knives

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The Crecy (Availability is Low)

Late Crusader Medieval Sword (Availability is Low)

Crusader War Sword (Availability is Low)

Hallstatt Celtic Leaf Blade Sword (Availability is Starting to get Low)

Khukuri  (Availability is Starting to get Low)

Hjalmar Handmade Viking Shield (Only 1 Available)

The elite Kingdom of Arms line of medieval swords, medieval and Viking daggers and knives are exclusively handmade at our foundry in the Philippines.  These are battle ready swords and daggers. Each full tang blade is hand forged from virgin 5160 carbon steel, each hand hammered as the originals, finished to 3/16" thick, unless noted on that item, as the originals. Heat treated, then tempered correctly to give stiffness and flexibility to the blade.  Each sword, dagger and knife is full tangFully functional as the originals, or Battle Ready as some would say. 

Watch the Video Bruce Brookhart made cutting with the New Crusader Sword.  We do not condone this abuse with any sword, but it shows what our swords are capable of.

 We have also upped our game with the scabbards and sheaths.  They are wood with leather and or brass and steel accents.  We believe a quality blade deserves a quality scabbard.  It is like the paint job on a car!

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